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Pool Table Recovering Richmond VA

The felt on a table allows the balls to glide over the smooth slate without any interference, except when there are creases, bubbles, or wrinkles. Even bad lines on the felt can deter a ball from a specific area of the table.​

To get that professional level precision, you have to call a professional pool table felting service. Pool Table Service Pros Richmond VA provides felting for pool tables, and refelting or recovering, among many other pool table repair services.

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    Felt Replacement and Re-Covering

    Felt is not a durable fabric. It does not forgive when it stretches, it creases easily, and it generally doesn’t last in the elements for very long. Even if you cover the pool table properly and brush the felt, you may only get five years of use. 


    Many people will replace their felt after five years, especially if you’re using the table often or regularly. Recovering or refelting the table is also required after every moving service. Moving a table requires also removing the felt, making it a great time to simply replace what was already likely well-worn. 


    At Pool Table Service Pros Richmond VA we guarantee that you won’t have bubbles, creases, unsightly lines, or bothersome grain. We take immense pride in delivering only top-quality work. ​Felting pool tables is our specialty.

    Pool Table Re-Cushioning

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    During a felt replacement, you should consider re-cushioning as well. Because we must remove the felt from the bumpers and cushion as well, you can arrange for cushioning while we refelt the surface. While these cushions should last for decades, many start to decrease playability after five or ten years. 


    From regular use, the cushions will compact or lose their bounce-back. That rebound off the cushions is critical for enjoyable gameplay. Don’t lose your passion for pool just because your cushions have lost their edge. Instead, make your refelting plan a one-two hit and bring your pool table back to life. ​

    Plan Your Billiard Table Refelting ​

    With Pool Table Service Pros Richmond VA you can schedule your billiard table refelting. That way, you can return to playing. Our services are available in the home and at your convenience. We are all about making our services as easy and convenient as possible. Complete our contact form to start planning your table refelting today!