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Pool tables should last for decades, but after a few years of use, you might realize that it needs some maintenance. If you’ve come across a used table, it may need a lot of repairs. Thankfully,  a billiard table is something that you fix, and after repairs, you won’t even notice it needed work!


If your pool table needs repair, see it as a sign that the table was put to good use over the years. Anyone looking for a local pool table repair can turn to us at Pool Table Service Pros Richmond VA

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    Pool Table Leveling and Refinishing​

    Even if you only move your table a few inches over, it runs the chance of coming out of level. That’s why you should have it professionally leveled whenever the table moves, and once every few years. 


    It’s incredibly aggravating to play a game of pool on the table that is it level. Our team will align the slate of your pool table with precision to ensure that it is perfectly level for both amateur and professional players. 


    To level a billiard table with precision, we are our team with an in-depth knowledge of wood furniture.

    Full-Service Billiard Table Refurbishing and Restoration

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    With a good amount of use, billiard tables will often fall into disrepair. Once luxurious wood and smooth felt can become worn and torn. That cushions wear down, the leather on pockets can become thin and even break completely. 


    At Pool Table Service Pros Richmond VA you’ll have a full staff of professionals who will rework and revitalize your table. With years of experience in handling pool table repairs, we bring everything together with refurbishing and restoration projects. When you have a table that needs a lot of tough love, we break out all the stops.

    Pocket Repair

    We offer quick and easy pocket repair. Pockets are usually made of leather or plastic bowls and materials that will wear over time. Even luxury models of pool tables will require occasional pocket repair after years of use.


    During pocket repair, we remove the sides of the table and address the pockets that need attention. Many elements of the pockets are easily repairable. It’s a great way to manage your investment and keep the game going.

    Bumper Repair

    Perhaps the part of the table that takes the biggest hit bumpers should last for twenty years. But if you’re noticing less rebound or less bounce-back from your balls, then you should schedule a bumper repair. We replace the bumpers that are too tight, damaged, loose, and even misaligned.

    Cushion Repair

    Cushions are what provide the proper rebound to keep the game going. Over time rubber cushions should need repair or replacement after about ten years. If you purchased a used table, you might give those cushions five years. ​

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    Frames and Additional Repairs

    Frame repair, slate repair, and rail repair demand a practiced hand. You can’t leave the opportunity for any error, and our team understands that. Contact Pool Table Service Pros Richmond VA for any repair pertaining to your pool table. We service the slate, the portion under the felt, the frame, the rails, cushions, pockets, and more. Complete the form below to schedule your repairs. ​