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Pool tables aren’t just extremely heavy. They’re extremely delicate. There is a method necessary to manage the moving of a pool table. It can help ensure the leveling remains intact and that there’s no damage to the table itself. ​

If you’re planning on moving your pool table, even from one room to another, call Pool Table Service Pros Richmond VA. We’re the go-to, friendly, pool table movers throughout the Richmond area, but we go way beyond the greater Richmond area, just like you! 

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    Pool Table Moving Services

    As part of our pool table moving services, we follow a clear structure that can help us move your table regardless of weight. These tables easily weigh over a thousand pounds, and each piece is delicate. If you mishandle any particular piece, the entire integrity of the table can fall away. 

     We carefully use our tools, the correct protection for the slate and wood pieces, and the felt. Pool Table Service Pros Richmond VA already has the right trucks in store, so we can ensure that your table is in a trustworthy and reliable vehicle. 

    But, before we get to the actual moving of the table, we’re going to measure everything. The slate of the pool table can’t bend or flex in any way, so our team will plan out a pathway that allows it to move without any struggle. 

    After measurements are in place, we disassemble the pool table. Because of the weight and general size as well as the slate element, you can’t move a fully assembled pool table. Every piece must come away, and you must transport them dissembled. 

    When we show up at your new home, we will reassemble the table in your new home or the new room for the table. Pool Table Service Pros Richmond VA understands the exactness required of assembling a pool table. We deliver nothing short of expert work on every job.


    • Pool Table Repair
    • Pool Table Leveling
    • Pool Table Refinishing
    • Billiard Table Refurbishing
    • Pool Table Set-up & Installation
    • Pocket Repair
    • Cushion Repair
    • Frame Repair
    • Pool Table Moving
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    Experienced Pool Table Movers in VA 

    Years of experience make our team of experts the most qualified pool table movers in the greater Richmond area. Working throughout the state reassembling pool tables after helping people move is rewarding and exciting. We get to help people bring the same joy from their past residence into their new home. ​

    Full Service Moving – Assembly, Disassembly, and Reassembly

    Because pool tables can’t be moved as they stand, we must take them apart. As we do this, we are extremely careful. When you’re in your new home, we’re equally careful during reassembly. Assembly, disassembly, and reassembly, or pool tables are extremely delicate procedures, and we manage them all in your home with ease. ​

    Schedule Your Pool Table Moving and Services

    While you’re planning your move, you can bring in Pool Table Service Pros Richmond VA. We make moving your pool table easy and convenient. We do everything possible to make the process stress-free because moving is enough to worry about handling! ​

    When you set up the moving schedule, you can also arrange for any needed repairs. Our team can help you determine if you need to repair your cushioning or refelt your table. Call Pool Table Service Pros Richmond VA today to schedule the days for moving your pool table!

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