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    Pool Table Service VA

    We provide expert moving services across the greater Richmond area. We deliver nothing but top-quality and highly professional services for billiard tables. We do disassembly, assembly, refelting, recovering, and moving. Our teams work in-home, as well as helping you move from home to home or room to room. Offering virtual and over the phone free estimates. 

    Our Pool Table Service is always convenient, always reliable, and always stress-free. 

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    Pool Table Service Richmond

    Expert Moving Services for Pool Tables

    Pool table moves are a big challenge for many people. Understanding the structure and demands of large pieces of wood furniture is demanding. At Pool Table Service Pros, we’ve worked hard to become experts in our craft. A pool table requires expertise to disassemble, properly crate and transport, and correctly reassemble. At the reassembly time is when we make sure everything is leveled, and when we can replace felt, bumpers, rails etc. We provide virtual estimates, and can typically give you a quote over the phone before coming out to provide our service. If you curious about the cost, please give us a call or simply fill out a request form on this page to get info.

    Full Range of Services for Pool Tables in VA

    Pool Table Movers Richmond

    We do much more than just pool table moving. We offer a wide range of pool table fixes when re-setting up your table. This will help to keep your gameplay going, our team helps in other ways too.

    Our full range of services includes:

    ·   Pool table movers

    ·   Full assembly or reassembly

    ·   Pool table disassembly

    ·   Pool Table Refelting

    .   Pool Table Recovering

    .   Pool Table Felt Replacement

    These services provide a wide enough range for people to come to us with any of their concerns. Whether you’re worried about how your table looks or how your pool table plays, you can reach out to Pool Table Service Pros Richmond VA. Our team loves billiard tables which has led us all to lend our expertise to work on pool tables. 

    Without a doubt, you can get the help you need from our team. For any of these services and other concerns about your billiard table, contact Pool Table Service Pros Richmond VA. We’ll happily provide insight into your concerns or schedule a time for you! You can schedule the services you need with ease. If you are looking online for "pool table movers near me" reach out to us through our simple online contact form or by calling our office. 

    Pool Table Refelting Done Right

    So many people believe that pool table refelting is a DIY project you can manage over the weekend. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Anyone can lay down felt, but few can do it properly. 


    To ensure that you don’t spend the next five or ten years irritated with bubbles and creases, call in the pros. Pool Table Service Pros Richmond VA ensures that your felt is visually appealing and allows for proper gameplay with clean lines, a consistent grain, and no bubbles. 


    We begin felting by assessing the needs of your table. Different pool tables require different types of methods for felting. Using the wrong method can permanently damage your table. We take great pride in working with the cloths that provide specific purposes to your pool table. The stretch, grain, and application are the top priorities when planning a refelting. ​

    Why Choose Us

    We’re the local friendly pool table repair service professionals. At Pool Table Service Pros Richmond VA we help people get one of their top sources of enjoyment back into sterling conditions. But we don’t stop there. In addition to repair services, we help restore, revitalize, and even move your pool table. 

     A billiard table is a major source of fun, but it’s also a game that people take seriously and a piece of wood and stone furniture. You need someone who not only respects the game but understands the mechanics and engineering that goes into building these tables. Precision is demanded of these tables. 

    Choose Pool Table Service Pros Richmond VA, because we take on every job with the utmost attention to detail and strive for nothing short of exactness. Our years of experience in handling and repairing pool tables make us a valuable source of support whenever a billiard table needs attention or repair. Call Pool Table Service Pros Richmond VA to reach friendly and exact pool table service professionals.

    Pool table assembly Richmond


    Great service! I would recommend Tom to everyone who needs their pool table transported properly and set up professionally at a good price.

    Rich N.

    Moving our pool table into a new house was so easy with Pool table service Pros. It was moved quickly and installed in the new house with a lot of care. They leveled it perfectly, and we got new felt installed as well.

    ​Steve R.

    I found these guys online when I was searching for felt replacement. They were quick to respond, and the service was great. Now I have an amazing new red felt on my pool table. It is perfect!

    ​Michelle M.

    When to Call for Pool Table Service

    pool table moving Richmond VA

    Cushions, pockets, and felt offer clear signs that they need repair. Unfortunately, your slate, leveling, bumpers, frame, and rails don’t offer obvious clues that they need maintenance.

    When cushions need repairs, they’ll offer less bounce-back, which you’ll see during your gameplay. As a ball impacts, the cushion should smoothly rebound with equal or near-equal force. Yes, that during gameplay, the ball doesn’t bounce with as much force or that it slows down your cushions deserve a good looking over.

    It is pretty easy to notice when your pockets need repair. Leather pockets that have a woven netting full often begin to disintegrate and can even fall apart. Plastic pockets, on the other hand, will wear through overtime and can crack if they’ve become brittle.

    Rips, tears, drag marks that won’t brush out and general lanes of wear require refelting. Pool table felt should last about five years. That timeframe varies a little depending on how often you use the table but felt is not a material that will last for decades at a time. If your felt is looking a little lackluster, then consider having a professional come out and evaluate it. When there are obvious signs of damage, schedule your refelting to protect your slate!

    Slate is the section of your pool table that lies underneath the felt. It is made of slate, a large bluish-gray rock that provides a perfectly flat surface with no natural hills or valleys that would impact gameplay. But over time, your slate can take on damage and may need repair. Better tilt is off or that the leveling needs attention may have a slate problem.

     Other repairs we provide, including leveling and framing, might offer some hint to the pool table owner. The need for leveling shows itself through the subtle signs of balls favoring one side or corner of the table. Framing trouble can happen over time but is often the result of a bad move or some shifting within the table. 

     The rails and framing of a pool table should last between 25 and 50 years, but that doesn’t mean they don’t require maintenance or repairs. Moving or DIY work on the table can bring that lifespan down severely. 

    Then there’s the element of lost visual appeal. Refinishing is an option for people who still love their table but know it needs a bit of spiffing up. Our repairs are full-spectrum, get anything you need for your pool table with Pool Table Service Pros Richmond VA. If you suspect that your pool table isn’t what it used to be, call Pool Table Service Pros Richmond VA.

    Service Areas 

    We love Virginia, and throughout the greater Richmond area, we’re happy to provide our services. Pool Table Service Pros Richmond VA strives to spread our reach as much as possible. While we started in Richmond, we now service the greater Richmond area. 

    We help people with pool tables throughout:

    ·      Richmond

    ·      Glen Allen

    ·      Mechanicsville

    ·      Innsbrook

    ·      Highland Springs

    ·      Chester

    If you’re looking to move outside of these areas, contact Pool Table Service Pros Richmond VA. Our services for moving allow anyone in these areas to take their pool table anywhere in Virginia, Washington D.C., and out to Maryland.

    Complete this contact form or call us directly. At Pool Table Service Pros Richmond VA we’re happy to help with your pool table in any way can. Get in touch to learn about what we can do for you.